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Wow! Thanks to the support from all our donors and partners, we managed to plant a record number of trees once again. Would you like to know how many trees we planted? In this video, we take you through all our highlights of the past year.

A record number of trees

After an amazing achievement in 2021, we managed to plant a record number of trees again this past year. No less than 1,658,827 trees! And that makes us very happy. Because the world needs more trees: for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for everyone.

We are grateful that an increasing number of people has realised the importance of a world with lots of forest. And more importantly, that these people want to contribute by planting trees with us. And you are one of them. Thank you!

Greening the Netherlands

Because of your support we managed to start 29 new projects in the Netherlands. Various new forests have been planted in Brabant and Limburg and we managed to plant three different food forests throughout the country. Moreover, we started our landscape elements projects, meaning we plant trees and hedges to green the countryside. To give you an idea: we are active in the countryside in Friesland, Overijssel and Utrecht.

In addition, we were able to further green the Netherlands due to our GroenDoen Fonds (DoingGreen Fund). Local initiatives are able to use this fund to receive a contribution to plant trees and shrubs to green their living environment. Through 36 different initiatives, we managed to facilitate orchards, small parks in villages and food forests. And the beautiful thing is: the presence of nature not only improves the standard of living, but it also increases awareness about the importance of trees and nature.


Impact from Mexico to Borneo

We also managed to make a difference further away from home. In 2022, we supported no less than 13 projects abroad. Not only does this have a positive impact on the climate and on biodiversity, but on the local population as well. Thanks to our projects, local communities gain more work opportunities and increased income. This motivates people to plant new forests and maintain and protect them.

Last year, we also restored the unique tropical forests on the African island of Madagascar and the beautiful mangrove in Mexico. In Bolivia, we helped farmers to transition to a sustainable form of agriculture, so that their income rises and forests can be more easily maintained in the future. In Borneo, we planted new rainforest which allows various endangered species, such as the orangutan, to return to their original habitat. In addition, we were able to realise various projects in Europe. In 2022, we were active in Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

Monitoring our impact

Our efforts are paying off. This became clear during our project visits to Madagascar and Mexico. The plant nurseries are well kept and maintained . Despite the challenges that these different countries face, the local population is motivated to turn these projects into a success. Amazing!


Take matters into your own hands for a green world

While thousands of trees were planted, more and more people took matters into their own hands for a green world. This summer, we launched our own campaign platform, through which individuals can raise funds for tree planting. From running a marathon to cycling to Borneo to Vietnam: it is a real joy to see how motivated people are to raise funds for forests. In 2022, more than 60 campaigns were started!

Boots on, shovels into the ground

In autumn 2022, it was time for the tree planting season to start. In November and December, we put in a lot of hard work all over the country, together with our enthusiastic corporate forest partners. And we’re not done yet, because the planting season continues until March. Meanwhile, our project partners (the land owners) continue to plant the trees. Because of this, the young trees can start their first growth spurt during the upcoming spring.


Green Friday

The most special day of 2022 has to be Green Friday: on this day we resisted Black Friday and started a countermovement. We asked as many consumers and businesses to refrain from buying or selling Black Friday deals. Instead, they planted trees in our Green Friday Forest.

In total, we planted no less than 20,553 trees in honour of Black Friday! The first few thousand trees have been planted thanks to our Green Friday Event participants. Our project partner Brabants Landschap will finish the task of planting trees for the next while.

Trees for Schools

In December, de Nationale Postcode Loterij put the icing on the cake. We received a new donation! We will use this donation to start our programme Trees for Schools. With this programme, we aim to inspire young people and activate and connect them to stop climate change.


Thank you!

Let it be clear: without the help of all our donors and partners it would never have been possible to achieve these beautiful results. We are very grateful to everyone that contributed to these successes. This next year we have many plans to make the world even greener!

Will you plant with us (again)?