Trees for All

We want to pass on a green and healthy planet

Plant a tree or offset your carbon emissions to make a positive climate contribution!

Planting trees and compensate CO2

Every year 3.5 billion trees are lost. With disastrous consequences for people, animals and climate. That’s why we invest in trees. How? We plant trees and restore existing forest and raise awareness about the need for trees. Close to home, but also further away through sustainable forestry projects in developing countries. You can help us by planting trees or compensating CO2.

5.7 million trees and bushes planted

38 forests reforested and restored

383.000 tonnes of polluting carbon dioxide offset

This is how we work

Sustainable forest projects

Each year we plant dozens of hectares of forest in the Netherlands and abroad. All our forests are managed sustainably. We work together with the local population on our foreign forest projects. That way we boost farmers’ income and ensure tropical forests are restored.

Take a look at all our projects

1-2-Tree: if every world citizen were to plant two trees a year, not only would we stop deforestation, but the quantity of forest would increase

Kind of donation?

How many trees would you like to plant?

We will of course carefully deal with your personal details. Do you want to know how we do this? Take a look at our privacystatement.

Bomen planten - Trees for All
Offset CO2 emissions

Protect against climate change

Trees for All is the most experienced carbon offset provider in the Netherlands and the only foundation in the Netherlands with CBF certification offering CO2 offset through sustainable forest projects. All our projects are certified and guarantee the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed.

Offset CO2

3.5 billion trees are lost each year. That has to stop. Become a Trees for All donor and help us!

Become a donor

Trees for All corporate partners

Only by working together can we ensure a green and liveable planet for future generations. Become a Trees for All corporate partner and make a positive climate contribution!

Become a partner
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