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Trees for All is for everyone

Trees care for us, and that’s why we care for trees. That’s our motto. Everyone who wants to make a contribution to a greener planet and a healthy climate can support our work.

Let’s plant the future

Trees are the solution to climate change. Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad and offsets carbon emissions. Our mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to restore existing forests. We achieve this by supporting sustainable forest projects. In this way, we contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people.

Trees are indispensable. That’s why we plant trees and restore the existing forests.

We’re here for individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint. For people who go on holiday and want to offset the carbon emissions of their plane journey. For grandparents who want to gift their grandchild a tree to symbolise a greener future. We’re here for entrepreneurs who want to plant a tree for each product sold. Or for companies who want to donate a forest or offset the carbon emissions of their entire business operation. Everyone can make a difference thanks to Trees for All. Because every tree counts.

Over ons - Joly en Simone

The Trees for All Foundation was set up in 1999. We are the most experienced supplier of carbon offsets in the Netherlands and the only provider of carbon offsets that meets the stringent requirements of CBF certification. We’re proud of that! Thanks to all our donors, we’re able to plant dozens of acres of forest every year, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we restore forest and woodland and contribute to improving the standard of living of people in developing countries. We’re a results-focused foundation with an energetic team of people working heart and soul for a green and healthy planet.

Meet our team

Meet our ambassadors

  • Lodewijk Hoekstra
    Lodewijk Hoekstra
  • Team DSM
    Team DSM
  • Reinier van den Berg
    Reinier van den Berg
  • elize-been-ambassadeur-trees-for-all
    Elize Been
More about our ambassadors

More than 5 million trees and bushes planted

32 forests reforested and restored

320 thousand tonnes of polluting carbon dioxide offset

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