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Offset your company’s emissions

Do you want to take steps towards a more sustainable business? In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we can also compensate your organisation's CO2 emissions in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

For every tonne of CO2 emitted, you can make a donation to us. We will then ensure that this amount of emissions is sequestered in our certified forest projects. You will receive a certificate of compensation with your company name after you have made a donation for CO2 compensation.

icon_vliegtuig_wit Compensate for business air travel

Compensate for business air travel

Does your company make business journeys by air? Calculate and offset the CO2 emissions from these flights.

Offset your air travel
icon_auto Offset car emissions

Offset car emissions

Reduce your impact on the environment: offset the CO2 emissions from business car journeys, such as commuting or business appointments.

Offset your car emissions
Icon_huis_wit Offset your energy consumption

Offset your energy consumption

Does your organisation still use grey power or gas? Compensate the CO2 emissions of the energy consumption of your office or workplace.

Offset your energy consumption

Offset your emissions now

Have you calculated your company’s carbon emissions already? Fill in the number of tonnes of carbon you want to compensate.

Start offsetting

Why offset carbon emissions through Trees for All?

  • We already have 25 years of experience in CO2 offsetting

  • We are a non-profit organisation, so we have no profit motive

  • Our compensation projects are certified and guarantee the amount of carbon captured

  • The impact on social, economic and ecological factors is also monitored and checked


Become a CO2-partner

Have you mapped the footprint of your organisation and do you want to compensate CO2 structurally in a sustainable and socially responsible way? Then we would like to become your CO2 partner! That is good for your business and our climate.

Learn more

What happens with your donation?

We invest your donation for carbon offset in social reforestation projects with a wide impact. The trees we plant capture carbon from the atmosphere and ensure more biodiversity and job opportunities. The farmers receive training in sustainable land use and in combining native trees with other crops; a method known as agroforestry. So it is good not just for the climate and nature, but also for the local population. One of our projects is located in Bolivia.

Take a look at our project in Bolivia

Plan Vivo certified projects

Our projects are certified by Plan Vivo, which is the international standard for carbon offset that focuses on local communities, thus guaranteeing not only carbon capture, but also improved living conditions, sustainable land management and conservation of biodiversity. Several independent checks are carried out to prove that your carbon emissions have actually been captured.