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Make a corporate donation

Trees are essential to all life on earth. Do you want to contribute to more forest in the world with your company? Donate to Trees for All! In this way you contribute to a healthier climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions.

Support Trees for All through a corporate gift

Your company can make a difference by supporting our work. Any amount is welcome! You can make a one-off gift or a periodic donation in the confidence that your contribution will be spent well. Our foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) and has a CBF certificate, and we ensure that donations are used for the maximum benefit of our sustainable forestry projects.

Our status as a Public Benefit Organisation also gives tax advantages for the donors to Trees for All projects. Gifts/donations to Trees for All are tax-deductible within the applicable regulations. It is an interesting option for companies, as this sort of gift costs far less.


Donate to Trees for All

Do you want to donate to Trees for All as an individual? Click here.

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How does it work?


1. Choose the amount you would like to donate

With your donation you support our mission to realise more forests worldwide.


2. Easy donation

You can pay directly with creditcard or iDeal. It’s also possible to buy now and pay later.


3. Receive your personal certificate

As proof of your donation you receive a certificate with your company name on it.

What do we do with your donation?

With your donation you support our mission to create more forests worldwide. Our donors enable us to plant trees all over the world and raise people’s awareness of the importance of forests and trees – whether close to home or elsewhere in the world.

Our projects have a wide impact and help create a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions. In different countries all over the world, we are restoring native forests in cooperation with the local population. This local involvement is an important condition for being able to plant and maintain trees in a sustainable way. We train people in sustainable land use and create job opportunities. This makes the forest valuable to everyone concerned.

Read more about our projects

You can make a difference

Big or small, with any amount you can contribute to a forested world! Transfer your donation to our account number NL76 TRIO0212488325 in the name of Trees for All in Utrecht, stating ‘company gift’ and the name of your company. Or fill in our online form.

Donating with a tax advantage – how does it work?

Corporate donations (periodic or otherwise) do not have to take place on the basis of a 5-year agreement. Gifts to Public Benefit Organisations (ANBIs) can be deducted from your profits. Per year, the deduction amounts to no more than 50% of the profits, with a maximum of € 100,000. You must be able to show written proof of the gifts.

Calculate your tax advantage with the ANBIgift calculation tool.