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Our projects

Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad. We support many different (re)forestation projects, because we want to make a broad impact. In this way, we contribute to a healthier climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for everyone.


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trees and shrubs planted in the Netherlands and abroad



people helped with extra work & income (international)


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of carbon compensated through certified carbon credits



sustainable forest projects realised


  • Current project Current project
  • Completed project Completed project

Current projects

You’ll find our current projects here. These are projects where Trees for All is currently planting trees. For some of these projects we are still looking for donations, but there are also current projects that have already been made financially possible thanks to the support of our donors and partners.


Current project Sulawesi

Turning grassland into tropical rain forest in Indonesia


Current project Borneo

Restoring the tropical forest and the habitat of the orangutan on Borneo

Costa Rica

Current project Costa Rica

Turning 25 hectares of grassland into flourishing rain forest

Multiple projects Food forests

Current project Food forests

Forests for sustainable food production

The municipality of Land van Cuijk

Current project The municipality of Land van Cuijk

New and restored forest


Current project Mexico

Restoring mangroves in Mexico

Mexico (CO2-compensation)

Current project Mexico (CO2-compensation)

Forest restoration and agroforestry


Current project Madagascar

Restoration of unique forest in western Madagascar


Current project Bolivia

Reforestation and agroforestry in the Bolivian highlands

Landscape elements in Overijssel

Current project Landscape elements in Overijssel

Greening the countryside


Current project Spain

Restoration of parkland in Spain

Bolivia (CO2 compensation)

Current project Bolivia (CO2 compensation)

Climate resilient agroforestry in the Bolivian lowlands


Current project Portugal

Landscape restoration and reforestation in Faia Brava, Portugal


Current project Ghana

Agroforestry and riparian forest in the Sahel

Het Groene Woud

Current project Het Groene Woud

New loam forest


Current project Vietnam

Planting dune forests in Central Vietnam

Completed projects

Thanks to the support of our donors and partners, we have been able to realise many reforestation projects. In our completed projects, all trees have been planted. Completed does not mean that we are no longer involved in these projects. We focus on impact, so we continue to monitor our projects on a long-term basis.

Green Friday Forest

Completed project Green Friday Forest

Turning Black Friday into Green Friday

New nature in the Netherlands

Completed project New nature in the Netherlands

Planting forests near to natural cemeteries

Nature reserve De Pan

Completed project Nature reserve De Pan

Transforming a field to natural woodland

Bieslandse and Waalse Bos

Completed project Bieslandse and Waalse Bos

Restoration of Dutch woodland affected by ash dieback

Hollandse Hout

Completed project Hollandse Hout

New forest in the Flevopolder


Completed project Klinkenbergerplas

New forest in the municipality of Oegstgeest

‘t Knapperslag

Completed project ‘t Knapperslag

New nature in Doetinchem


Completed project Waalbos

A new forest between Rotterdam and Dordrecht

Park 21

Completed project Park 21

New forest in Haarlemmermeer

Sang and Goorkens

Completed project Sang and Goorkens

New forest in Noord-Brabant


Completed project Bentwoud

A new nature reserve and recreational area in the Green Heart


Completed project Venneperhout

A magnificent park for people and animals

The Philippines

Completed project The Philippines

Reforestation to prevent soil erosion


Completed project Mali

More than four million bushes planted for local farmers


Completed project Malaysia

Restoration of tropical rainforest


Completed project Leersum

New forest in the province of Utrecht


Completed project Drenthe

New forest in Drenthe


Completed project Overijssel

Planting a mixed deciduous forest


Completed project Dalerpeel

From barren farmland to diverse forest in Drenthe


Completed project Reutum

From grasslands to thriving forests in Overijssel


Completed project Twente

New forest in Twente


Completed project Uganda

Restoration of forest with a wealth of species in Kibale National Park


Completed project Limburg

Greening the province of Limburg

Food forest Janmiekeshoeve

Completed project Food forest Janmiekeshoeve

Planting food forests in the Netherlands

Costa Rica

Completed project Costa Rica

Restoring tropical rainforest around Carara National Park