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Status: Completed project

Turning Black Friday into Green Friday

Trees for All is the proud leader of the Green Friday movement. On Green Friday, we make a statement against Black Friday: on this day we’re all bombarded with glaring discounts and cheap deals. Black Friday massively reinforces impulse buying and overconsumption – habits that rapidly deplete the earth’s resources.

Therefore, together with thousands of consumers and companies, we say no to Black Friday discounts. Instead, we are planting trees in the Green Friday Forest in North Brabant!

For every tree in the Green Friday Forest, we also plant a tree on Borneo. This way we make an impact not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide with our Green Friday movement. Will you join us?

Would you like to plant trees in the Green Friday Forest as a company? Go to our page for companies.

Plant trees in the Green Friday Forest

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What makes this project necessary?

The world needs more forest! That’s why we’re working with Brabants Landschap to regreen the province of Brabant. The Green Friday Forest is part of this project.
New forest is needed to connect existing forests and make them stronger. We are planting trees on grasslands that used to be agricultural land. This land has been intensively fertilized and managed for years. As a result, the soil is very dry and contains relatively high levels of nitrogen. And that hinders the natural growth of new plants, shrubs and trees.

Giving nature a hand

The thousands of new trees and shrubs we plant, will soon attract all kinds of other plants and animals, giving the area’s biodiversity an enormous boost. Moreover, the trees absorb CO2 and capture nitrogen and particulate matter. And as if these were not enough advantages, they also provide healthy living conditions for people and animals!

This is what the planting site looks like now:


What will we do in the Green Friday Forest?

Together with Green Friday participants and our partner Brabants Landschap, we are planting different species of trees and shrubs that are currently absent or rare in the area. This will make the forest a lot more varied. Such a diverse forest attracts many different plants and animals. A varied forest is also much more resistant to the effects of climate change. Does one tree species have a hard time, for example due to drought? Then the other species will maintain the forest.

Tree species we plant

Different types of trees and shrubs go into the ground. These are all native species that grow in the area of this planting location. These include buckthorn, rowan, field maple, hornbeam, sweet cherry, hazel, hawthorn, pedunculate oak, small-leaved linden, downy birch, holly and black alder.

From left to right: hazel, hawthorn, small-leaved linden, black alder, pedunculate oak, white birch


Where are we going to plant?

The Green Friday Forest is located near Roosendaal in the province of North Brabant.

Bomen planten Green Friday Forest
Bomen planten Green Friday Forest

About Green Friday

The Green Friday movement is an initiative from foundation Trees for All. As a foundation, our main goal is to strive towards a world with more forests. We do this by planting new forests and improving the conditions of existing forests. We are operating within the Netherlands and abroad in order to make a global impact. Because as we see it, without trees, there is no life on our planet.

Yet, on the journey towards a true green planet, we should do more than just planting trees. Lowering CO2 emissions, consuming and producing less products for example. A day like Black Friday does not contribute to that. Offering extreme discounts, Black Friday encourages overconsumption and impulse buying. That is why we let a green counter voice be heard! We call on companies and consumers not to buy or sell Black Friday deals. Instead, we will plant trees in the Green Friday Forest. Will you join us?

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