Green Friday

Would you like to challenge the status quo on Black Friday? So that together, we can fight the extreme overconsumption taking place on this day? Join our Green Friday movement!

Join our Green Friday movement

On Green Friday, we make a statement against Black Friday: on this day we’re all bombarded with glaring discounts and cheap deals. Black Friday massively reinforces impulse buying and overconsumption – habits that rapidly deplete the earth’s resources.

At Trees for All, we believe things can be different – and most importantly, must be different. That’s why on Black Friday, we’re going for Green Friday. We’re encouraging companies and consumers to invest in a greener planet. How? By buying and selling sustainable and second-hand products. By getting things repaired or recycling them. And by giving something back to the earth: trees for the Green Friday Forest!

In 2021, 366 companies and thousands of consumers took part in Green Friday. Together, we planted almost 38,000 trees. This year, we’re hoping to beat that record. Would you like to join us?

In 2021, with the help of thousands of incredible organisations and consumers, we managed to plant almost 38.000 trees. This year, we would love to make an even bigger impact. Will you join us?

It’s almost time to start planting the Green Friday Forest

Just a little more patience! The trees are starting to grow. Once they reach the right size, they’re ready to be welcomed in their new home: the Green Friday Forest. Come back at a later moment to donate trees and get started on your journey.

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How can I join Green Friday?


1. Don’t buy Black Friday deals

The more products we buy, the more resources we take from the earth.

2. Plant trees for the Green Friday Forest

Instead, give something back to the earth: trees! Thanks to you donation, we can plant the Green Friday Forest.


3. Inspire your friends, family and colleagues

You receive a special Green Friday statement from us. Share this via social media and help grow the Green Friday movement.

Does your organisation want to join the Green Friday movement?

Fantastic news! Go to and join us.

The Green Friday Forest Event

On November 25th, we’ll host the first ever Green Friday Forest Event. If you decide to donate your trees to the Green Friday Forest, you’ll get the unique opportunity to plant a tree yourself. More information about the event will follow as soon as possible. For now, save the date!

Good to know: you can only reserve 1 ticket per person when donating trees. Would you like to join us in a group or duo during the planting event at the Green Friday Forest? In that case, it’s important to note that all attendees are required to donate trees via our website. Spots to join us at the planting festivities in the Green Friday Forest are limited, so we advise to you be quick (full = full).


Why Green Friday?

The Green Friday movement is an initiative pioneered by Trees for All. As a foundation, our main goal is to strive towards a world with more forests. In addition, we attempt to educate audiences and create more awareness about the importance of a green and healthy planet earth. As we see it, a day like Black Friday does not fit with our vision for the present and future of the planet.

The more products we consume, the more resources we take from the earth. To facilitate the production of one T-shirt for example, 2.700 litres of water are needed. This is enough water for one person over the span of 2,5 years time. Not to mention the heaps of trash and oceans full of plastic that are created from our shopping behaviour.

In brief, Green Friday is a movement that goes against the status quo. We say ‘no’ to Black Friday deals and instead, give trees back to the earth. And because climate change is a global issue, for each tree that is planted in the Dutch Green Friday Forest, another one will be planted abroad in collaboration with our local partners. Join us and become part of the growing Green Friday movement. In this way, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you care about sustainability and that you are taking concrete steps to move towards a greener future.

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