Green Friday

This year too, we’re once again turning Black Friday into Green Friday. How are we going to do that? We’re calling on everyone to go Green. That means planting trees with us instead of giving special offers. We’ve already got over 250 brands and companies on board. And of course you can also take part as a consumer. That will make the Green Friday movement even bigger! Will you go Green too?

Black Friday is the day when we rush en masse to the shopping streets and webshops in search of the best bargains. Buying for buying’s sake; i.e. making impulsive purchases. Black Friday thus encourages overconsumption, which has a huge impact on our planet and leads to the depletion of our natural resources, pollution and oceans filled with plastic. Good for the environment? Absolutely not. So we’re taking a different approach!

What is Green Friday?

At Trees for All, we prefer to give back to the earth. So on 26 November, we’re turning Black Friday into Green Friday. By doing so, we’re encouraging consumers and companies to invest in a greener planet. And we’re turning the blackest day of the year Green by planting as many trees as possible together. The goal is that we all plant a total of 50,000 trees.

Plant a tree today!

Go for Green Friday instead of Black Friday and plant trees with us today! Choose here how many trees you want to plant. We’ll be planting the trees in the Netherlands and in Vietnam. Go Green with us!

Plant Green Friday trees

Do you want to plant Green Friday trees with your company? Click here.

Plant your Green Friday trees

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Companies: sign up for Green Friday

More than 250 brands and companies have already signed up for Green Friday. You can see who’s taking part at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to join the Green Friday movement, take a look at and sign up. Together, we’ll do our bit for a green and healthy planet.


Receive a personal certificate

By planting trees, you contribute to a green and healthy planet. As proof of your donation, you will receive a certificate with your name on it. Share this certificate and choose for Green Friday!

Where does your contribution go?

We’ll be planting half the trees in Drenthe and the other half in Vietnam. This is a deliberate choice, as climate change is a global problem and the consequences can be felt everywhere. So we plant trees worldwide through sustainable reforestation projects, and thus contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions.

Our projects
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The impact of your trees

Your contribution goes further than just planting a tree. Our projects have a wide impact and help create a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions. In countries like Ghana, Costa Rica and Vietnam, we are restoring native forests in cooperation with the local people. This local involvement is an important condition for being able to plant and maintain trees in a sustainable way. We train people in sustainable land use and create job opportunities. This makes the forest valuable to everyone in the area.