Join our Green Friday movement

Does your organisation want to make a statement against Black Friday? So that together, we can fight the enormous overconsumption taking place on this day? Join our Green Friday movement! Together we say 'no' to Black Friday deals and instead, give back trees to the earth.

Join our Green Friday movement

On Green Friday, we make a statement against Black Friday: on this day we’re all bombarded with glaring discounts and cheap deals. Black Friday massively reinforces impulse buying and overconsumption – habits that rapidly deplete the earth’s resources.

At Trees for All, we believe things can be different – and most importantly, must be different. That’s why on Black Friday, we’re going for Green Friday. We’re encouraging companies and consumers to invest in a greener planet. How? By buying and selling sustainable and second-hand products. By getting things repaired or recycling them. And by giving something back to the earth: trees for the Green Friday Forest!

Donate your trees for the Green Friday Forest

You can donate trees until December 1. Want to participate in Green Friday as a consumer? Then click here.

Plant Green Friday trees with your company

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How can I join as an organisation?

As an organisation you can join Green Friday and make a statement against Black Friday. This is how it’s done:


1. Don’t offer discounts on Black Friday


2. Organise your own Green Friday initiative or campaign


3. Donate trees through Trees for All

Sign up as a Green Friday participant now:

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Would you prefer to join Green Friday as a consumer?

As a consumer you can make a statement against Black Friday as well. Join us and plant trees in the Green Friday Forest.

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The Green Friday Forest Event

On November 25th, we’ll host the first ever Green Friday Forest Event. If you decide to donate your trees to the Green Friday Forest, you’ll get the unique opportunity to plant a tree yourself.

  • Location: Roosendaal area (Noord-Brabant)
  • Timeslots: you can choose between two timeslots. From 10.00 to 13.00 and from 13.00 to 16.00.
  • Transportation: there will be shuttle buses from Roosendaal train station to the event. We want to make sure the event is as sustainable as possible, so if possible, come by train.
  • Capacity: the spots to plant in the Green Friday Forest are limited, so be quick. Good to know: planting trees in the forest yourself is not mandatory. You could also simply start your Green Friday initiative or event and donate trees for the Green Friday Forest.

Since climate change is a worldwide issue, for each tree that is planted in the Green Friday Forest, one tree will be planted in one of our projects abroad.

Bomen planten Green Friday Forest

Tips for your Green Friday initiative or campaign

  • Donate a percentage of your turnover for planting trees on Green Friday.

  • On Green Friday, plant a tree for each employee in your organisation or company.

  • Call on your customers, colleagues or contacts to donate money for trees, then match their

  • Plant a tree for every person who signs up to your newsletter in the week of Green Friday. Or for every reaction to your Green Friday post on social media.

  • Set up your own activity through our activity platform and raise money. For example, get together with your colleagues for a race, cycle trip or walk and get sponsored for every kilometre.

  • Join your customers or colleagues in a green challenge. Opt for a car-free week, for example, and plant a tree for every colleague who comes to work by bike or public transport.

  • Create your own Green Friday product or service and plant trees for it. Examples are repair or
    recycling campaigns.

These organisations have joined Green Friday 2022:

Why should I join Green Friday?

  • You are part of the growing Green Friday movement, which opposes overconsumption and raises awareness.


  • You contribute to a green and liveable world for yourself and the next generations.

  • You get the opportunity to plant trees yourself at the Green Friday Forest event on 25 November 2022.

  • You show that you think sustainability is important and are taking action for it.

  • And of course you are visible in the national Trees for All  Green Friday campaign, by joining us in making a statement!

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About the Green Friday movement

The Green Friday movement is an initiative from foundation Trees for All. As a foundation, our main goal is to strive towards a world with more forests. We do this by planting new forests and improving the conditions of existing forests. We are operating within the Netherlands and abroad in order to make a global impact. Because as we see it, without trees, there is no life on our planet.

Yet, on the journey towards a true green planet, we should do more than just planting trees. Lowering CO2 emissions, consuming and producing less products for example. With our Green Friday movement, we aim to create more awareness and fight overconsumption. In this way, we can improve climate conditions, biodiversity and healthy living circumstances for everyone.

We work together with these partners:

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For press inquiries or interview requests, please contact Blyde by calling +31 20 760 0122.

Bomen planten Green Friday Forest
Bomen planten Green Friday Forest
Green Friday Forest Event