In cooperation with Landschap Overijssel, Trees for All facilitates the planting of new forests in Twente. 20,000 new trees will be planted in former agrarian grounds!

Status: Current project

New forest in Twente

The diverse landscape in Twente is host to a great deal of biodiversity and high scenic value, which is enjoyed by many. However, this is no longer the case in all of Twente. In order to restore the landscape and nature we are going to cooperate with Landschap Overijssel in realising new forests in five locations across Twente: more than 20,000 new trees will be added!

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What makes this project necessary in Twente?

In many places the Twente landscape and its biodiversity have been harmed. Landschap Overijssel works on improving exactly these characteristics. By means of planting new trees, we restore the forests which are still there. A more robust, streamlined nature reserve will be realised, with a wide variety of indigenous species of trees which naturally belong there. The resulting forest will become a breeding ground for different species of animals, such as the white admiral, the yellowhammer and the badger. And we, as humans, may also benefit from the planting of these forests.


How to realise this?

At five locations in Twente, we are going to plant trees in former agrarian grounds. All in all, an area of about 11 hectares will be planted with more than 7,5 hectares of wood. The stretches will not be fully filled, because the variety of forest and open space in these locations is valuable for animals and nature.

In four locations we are going to plant mixed, indigenous, deciduous forest. This will include hazel, hawthorn, field maple, fluttering elm, ash, large-leaved lime and common oak. Importantly, the new forests match well with the existing, adjacent forests, which improves the condition of the landscape.

The last location is meant for planting bacciferous species, such as hawthorn, sloe, guelder rose and rowan. These trees will be planted in order to strenghten the valley of the newly-created brook, Doorbraak. Planting these species provides enrichment of the variety of trees, which will serve as food source for many types of birds.

Our aims

  • Strengthening and expanding forests in Twente
  • Strengthening and extending forests in the area
  • Realising robust, climate-proof nature
  • Conservation, strengthening and improving of biodiversity

This project of Trees for All contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we planting?

New forests will be planted in five different parcels around Enschede.

Our partner

In this project we work together with Landschap Overijssel. This energetic organisation protects, develops and manages the Overijssel landscape with its extraordinary nature and specific regional history, valuable for humans, plants and animals as a habitat and a source of pleasure.

Hans Pohlmann

“With your donation we take a beautiful step in strengthening landscapes and nature in Twente!”

– Hans Pohlmann, Nature Manager at Landschap Overijssel