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The giant sequoias will soon be returning to Malaysia’s Danum Valley, thanks to support from Trees for All.

Status: Completed project

Restoration of tropical rainforest

Trees for All has been working in Malaysia for many years to restore the country’s tropical rainforest. This smart project aims to stimulate natural regeneration, so that within fifty years the giant sequoias will again tower over the forest.

Why is this project necessary?

In 2007 we began supporting the recovery of rainforest in the northeast of Sabah in Malaysia. Uncontrolled tree-felling from the 1960s to 1980s severely degraded the forest in the Danum Valley and the authorities had to intervene to promote natural reforestation.

This smart project aims to stimulate natural regeneration, so that within fifty years giant sequoias will again form part of the forest canopy. The reforestation is being implemented in an area of some 25,000 hectares encircling the protected forest of Danum Valley in Malaysia’s Sabah province. The forest is managed by INFAPRO. Face the Future is our contract partner on this project and does the monitoring.

Over the period 2008 to 2014 we restored 490 hectares of rainforest. The tree planting has been completed and the hectares we’ve planted will develop further over the coming years. Trees for All continues to be involved in the project, with Face the Future monitoring forest maintenance and management and recording the amount of carbon capture. They’ll report back to us.

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This Trees for All project contributes to realizing multiple
Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty
13. Climate action
15. Life on land

Where did we plant?

We restored tropical rainforest in the Danum Vallei in Maleisië.

Our partners

For the implementation of this forest restoration project, we collaborated with the Dutch organization Face the Future and the local project partner the Yayasan Sabah Foundation.

The project stimulates natural regeneration in a smart way.