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Province of Drenthe

We are going to green the landscape in Drenthe by planting landscape elements! This involves 15,000 trees and shrubs that will be given a place on farmers' land. We are doing this together with Landschapsbeheer Drenthe and the Province of Drenthe.

Status: Current project


Trees and hedges on Drenthe farmers' land

Trees for All works nationwide to plant landscape elements. These are trees and hedges that shape our landscapes. They are originally common in rural areas, but have increasingly disappeared from view in recent years. Also in the province of Drenthe. We want to change that!

Together with Landschapsbeheer Drenthe and the Province of Drenthe, we want to plant landscape elements on the land of about 15 farmers in Drenthe. Of course we do this in close cooperation with the farmers themselves. Our goal is to plant 15,000 trees and shrubs.

Will you help us with a donation? This way many more farmers in Drenthe can green their land. This way we work together for a better climate, more biodiversity and an attractive landscape!

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Why is it necessary to plant more landscape elements?

Over the past century, about 60% of the landscape elements in the Netherlands have disappeared. This has major consequences for nature. For example, landscape elements such as trees and hedges contribute to a better climate. They absorb CO2 and capture nitrogen and particulate matter. They are also incredibly important for biodiversity. Countless plants and animals live in and around landscape elements, such as bees, butterflies, birds and all kinds of small mammals.

Moreover, landscape elements have a positive impact on our living environment. They provide healthy soil, drainage of rainwater, shade on hot days and an attractive landscape for all of us. So plenty of reasons to support the planting of landscape elements!


What are we going to do in Drenthe?

There are plenty of opportunities in Drenthe to plant more landscape elements on farmers’ property. That is why we support the Sustainable Farming Drenthe program. This program helps farmers transition to circular agriculture and promote biodiversity and landscape quality.

Planting landscape elements is one way farmers can do this. Agricultural companies in Drenthe can register with Duurzaam Boeren Drenthe and work with us to plant trees and hedges. Think of landscape elements such as hedges, tree avenues, standard orchards or woodland hedges.

Together with the farmers, Landschapsbeheer Drenthe will make plans for planting and managing them. We will also share our knowledge and expertise from Trees for All. Moreover, in the future we will monitor the planting with field visits.

This project of Trees for All contributes to multiple
Sustainable Development Goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where will we plant?

The trees and shrubs will be planted on the property of some 15 farmers in the province of Drenthe.

Our partners

Within this project we cooperate with Landschapsbeheer Drenthe. This foundation is committed to the preservation, management and development of the Drenthe landscape. In addition, the province of Drenthe is involved to help make this project possible.

Both Landschapsbeheer Drenthe and the province of Drenthe are co-initiators of the Sustainable Farming Drenthe program.