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Het Groene Woud

Together with ARK Nature, Trees for All is facilitating the planting of new loam forests in Het Groene Woud.

Status: Current project

New loam forest

The forests of Het Groene Woud, in Brabant, are home to many sorts of plants and animals. The ‘loam forests’, in particular, have high levels of biodiversity, corresponding to the relatively wet soil that gave rise to them. From both a national and international viewpoint, the scarcity of loam forests makes it vital to expand and protect them.

Why is this project needed?

Together with ARK Nature Trees for All is facilitating the planting of new loam forests in Het Groene Woud. ARK has drawn up a design and management plan to strengthen the loam forests in Het Groene Woud.

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What are we doing?

On former agricultural land, we will be planting native trees specific to loam forests, such as the European hornbeam, small-leaved lime, large-leaved lime and European white elm. Besides planting new forests, the vitality and natural quality of existing forests will be strenghtened. The aim of the project is to improve biodiversity with regards to both quantity and quality. Wildlife that benefits includes: butterflies like the chequered skipper and white admiral, and animals and birds like the tree frog, red-backed shrike, wild cat, otter and black stork

Our goals

  • Reinforcing and expanding the loam forests

  • Connecting ecologically valuable nature areas

  • Creating robust, climate-proof nature

  • Maintaining, reinforcing and expanding biodiversity as a whole

  • Restoring groundwater levels, which will also benefit nature areas in the vicinity

This project of Trees for All contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we planting?

Planting will take place on plots with a high value for nature development. Planting will take place throughout the whole region, from the riparian forests in het Dommeldal to the loam forests around de Geelders. The plots are strategically located and will therefore restore, reinforce and expand the lost cohesion of the existing forest and nature areas in the region.

Our partners

In this project we work with ARK Nature. ARK realises robust nature areas where nature is left to take care of itself. This results in a high diversity of landscapes, plants and animals. ARK looks at nature development in the context of public interests like recreation, resource extraction and climate adaptation. The goals is to create nature that is accessible to all. ARK works closely together with stakeholders as the province, municipalities, waterboards, farmers, other nature organizations and local initiatives.

“De Geelders and the neighbouring wet forests in Het Groene Woud are some of the most exceptional hotspots for biodiversity in the Dutch countryside. This large-scale planting project will create resilient, robust nature areas with high levels of biodiversity, which can also withstand climate change.”

— Ger van den Oetelaar, ARK Nature