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Het Groene Woud

Since 2020 Trees for All, together with ARK Rewilding Nederland, has planted new loamy ground forest in Groene Woud in Noord-Brabant. Together we work on enlarging these rare forests, which are home to all sorts of unique pants and animals. Will you take part?

Status: Current project

New loam forest in Het Groene Woud

In Het Groene Woud, beautiful loamy ground forests occur naturally. These forests are  genuine biodiversity hotspots: they harbor countless species of plants and animals characteristic to these forests.

We would like to both extend and reinforce this special form of nature. For that reason we plant new loamy ground forests, together with our partner, ARK Nature. So far, we have already planted 227,740 trees and shrubs on former agricultural land. But we have not finished yet!

Between 2024 and 2025, we want to plant at least 80,000 more trees. That way we will connect existing stretches of nature and make sure the unique biodiversity in these forests is maintained. Pleasant for both man and animal. Will you take part?

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Why it is necessary to plant more loamy ground forests

Between Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch, Het Groene Woud is situated: a magnificent natural resource with moorland, swamp, meres and loamy ground forests. These loamy ground forests are very rare. Because of their moist subsoil they are home to all sorts of specific plants and animals, such as birds, butterflies and mammals. This unique biodiversity we would like to keep and reinforce!

We do this by planting new forest and connecting existing nature reserves. That way we reinforce existing nature and extend the habitat of all species of plant and animal already occurring in Het Groene Woud. The forest will also attract new plants and animals. This could mean rare butterflies, such as the checkered skipper or the white admiral. Birds and animals such as the tree frog, the red-backed shrike, the wild cat, the otter and the black stork will feel utterly at home in Het Groene Woud.

Groene Woud from above
One of the plots before planting

What are we doing in Het Groene Woud?

ARK Nature, our project partner, came up with a special and well-considered plan for restoring loamy ground forests. This plan combines the best of two measures: on the one hand we plant new forest in order to extend loamy ground forests, on the other we look at what nature comes up spontaneously in the area. The latter we also refer to as natural regeneration. A unique approach we eagerly support from Trees for All.

This policy requires much knowledge of the area, patience and attention. For that reason we are happy with our long-term co-operation with ARK Foundation. Together we will be able to share our knowledge and follow developments in years to come.

The new plants and shrubs we will plant on former agricultural grounds. This concerns indigenous species of trees and shrubs which are characteristic for loamy ground forests, such as common hornbeam, small-leaved lime and large-leaved lime, fluttering elm, thicket dog rose and common dogwood.

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This project of Trees for All contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where will the trees be planted?

We will plant the trees in parcels all over The Groene Woud: from De Geelders near Boxtel to the valley of the river Dommel near Son en Breugel. This ensures that the coherence between existing forest and nature reserves is restored, strengthened and extended.

Our partners

Within this project we work together with ARK Nature. ARK realizes robust nature reserves, in which nature is allowed to mind her own business as much as possible. This renders a rich variety in landscapes, plants and animals. In order to achieve this, ARK in turn works together with various parties, such as provinces, municipalities, farmers, water authorities, ground managers and local networks.

“De Geelders and the neighbouring wet forests in Het Groene Woud are some of the most exceptional hotspots for biodiversity in the Dutch countryside. This large-scale planting project will create resilient, robust nature areas with high levels of biodiversity, which can also withstand climate change.”

— Ger van den Oetelaar, ARK Nature