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Food forest Zonnegoed

Trees for all makes it possible to plant a new food forest at Zonnegoed, a biodynamic farm in Flevoland.

Status: Current project

Food forest at biodynamic farm in Flevoland

Joost, owner of a biodynamic farm in Flevoland, has been working to realise fertile soil by means of clever innovations and that yields its rewards. The next step in making his business sustainable is the planting of a food forest in order to enhance biodiversity.

What makes this project necessary?

Joost van Strien is a genuine farmer who owns a 93-hectare farm in Ens. He is the first vegan farmer in the Netherlands. Instead of animal manure he uses nothing but vegetable fertilizer, as a result of which production animals have become superfluous. Besides, his business is climate-positive (which means that he stores more carbon than he emits), but Joost wants more; namely, to enhance the biodiversity in his grounds. A food forest will fit in perfectly, because it attracts large amounts of free animals and thus reinforces the farm.

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hectares of food forest

How to realise this?

The food forest will be laid-out on a 5.5 hectare parcel between annual biological pumpkins and potatoes. Per hectare some 1,700 trees and shrubs will be planted. Chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, apricots, cherries and gooseberries will not be lacking. It is to be expected that in five to seven years the first fruit, nuts, mushrooms and other goodies may be picked and gathered. A labyrinth will also be created and it will lead to an open air theatre in the middle of the food forest. Picking days and events for visitors will be organised here.

This project contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we going to plant?

The food forest will be planted at Zonnegoed, a biodynamic farm in Flevoland.

Onze partners

In this project we work together with Agroforestry Foundation Netherlands (SVN) and Joost van Strien.


“Our food forest will harbour the growth of several thousand of trees, thus storing thousands of tonnes of CO2 into the bargain. So good for nature, climate and a beautiful package of wholesome, vegan food.”

— Joost van Strien, Zonnegoed initiator