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Food forest Lubosch Land

Trees for All makes it possible to plant a new food forest at Lubosch Land in Ransdaal, Zuid-Limburg.

Status: Current project

From dairy farm to food forest

The Nieboer family have taken over a former dairy farm in Ransdaal in order to establish a sustainable agricultural enterprise. Planting a food forest will actively contribute to the sustainability of the food chain and the enhancement of biodiversity in the area.

What makes this project necessary?

Initiator Geert Jan Nieboer is a business economist with experience of many years standing in food industry. Together with his daughter Laura, graduated in Sustainability & Entrepreneurship and founder of start-up Innowastion, he founded Lubosch Land. The name of the enterprise is an ode to the location and its history and a fitting umbrella name for all activities which are going to take place there. In the grounds of 6.5 hectares Trees for All will support the planting of 5 hectares of food forest. One hectare will be used for biological annual crops. The former cowshed will be converted to a location in which processing products and education will occupy centre stage.

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hectares of food forest

How to realise this?

In the food forest an extensive diversity of nuts, fruit, seeds, vegetables, herbs, spices and mushrooms will be grown. Unlike conventional agriculture, food forests make use of the power of nature. The special combination of vegetation enables the forest to guard itself against all sorts of challenges and at the same time to improve its biodiversity. As much as possible the food forest harvest will either be sold directly to local customers or processed into various non-perishable regional products.

Social impact

Apart from what products yield, much attention will be given to education and recreation, for instance by offering trainee posts or field trips, in order to raise awakening with regard to sustainable and wholesome food. In this way Lubosch may fulfil an important social function.

This project contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we going to plant?

The food forest will be planted at Lubosch Land in Ransdaal, Zuid-Limburg.

Our partners

In this project we work together with Agroforestry Foundation Netherlands (SVN) and Geert Jan Nieboer.


“By means of Lubosch Land food forest in the magnificent hills of Zuid-Limburg, we will gladly accept the challenge to boost biodiversity in the region, provide good and delicious food and contribute to a wider nature-consciousness.”

— Geert Jan Nieboer, Lubosch Land initiator