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Together with our partners Staatsbosbeheer and het Buitenfonds we will plant more than 12,000 trees in Drenthe. Our goal is to transform barren farmland into a forest where various types of trees and shrubs are able to grow and flourish. Are you planting with us?

Status: Completed project

From barren farmland to diverse forest in Drenthe

During the winter of 2024-2025 we will plant a new forest in the Netherlands together with our partners Staatsbosbeheer and het Buitenfonds. A total of 12,482 trees will be planted on former farmland in Dalerpeel and meadow in Sleen, Drenthe. This way, the natural ecosystem in this barren location will be able to flourish again.

The new forest is the missing link between two existing forested areas. As a result, flora and fauna are able to move more safely from one area to another, making it easier for them to multiply and reproduce. Additionally, the trees store CO2 and strengthen the surrounding natural environment in Drenthe. That’s a win-win-win situation!

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Why is this project necessary?

The world needs more forest. And so does the Netherlands. The Dutch national government aims to establish 37,000 hectares of new forest in the Netherlands before 2030. The goal of this so-called Forest Strategy is to improve the quality of our existing forests and expand the existing forests in the Netherlands. Of course, this goal aligns perfectly with Trees for All and we are more than happy to do our part.

The benefits of trees are endless. First of all, they store CO2 and capture nitrogen and particulate matter. Secondly, they provide water, clean air, oxygen and food. Third, trees are the habitat of various flora and fauna. Thus, we can see that through the planting of forests, biodiversity increases. This way, trees ensure a green and healthy living environment for everyone.


Examples of animals that benefit from an increase of forest areas are (from left to right): squirrel, wood owl, deer, pine marten, the stag beetle, fire salamander and woodpecker.

What are we going to do in Drenthe?

In total, we will plant 12,482 trees and shrubs in Drenthe. Of these, 8,417 trees will be planted on former farmland in Dalerpeel. The rest will be planted on a meadow in Sleen, where cattle used to graze. That means we are planting 3.8 hectares of new forest, which amounts to more than 5 football fields!

We plant various indigenous species of trees and shrubs in order to create a diverse forest. As a result, these forests with different species are much more resistant in times characterized by droughts, diseases or plagues than forests with only one or a few species.  If one species is struggling in a forest with many different species, the other trees can take over and maintain the forest ecosystem.

Importantly, a diverse forest attracts many different types of flora and fauna. For example, birds, mammals or fungi, but also insects such as bees and butterflies. Importantly, those insects are necessary for the pollination of our plants and flowers.

Which trees do we plant?

In Drenthe, we plant trees such as Downy birch, wild cherry, black alder, littleleaf linden and English oak. Besides trees, various types of bushes and shrubs, such as common hazel, hawthorn and buckthorns, will also occupy an important role in the new forest. These are all indigenous Dutch species that fit well in this environment. In this way, a strong and healthy forest will be able to grow and develop, even during difficult times!


From left to right: Common hazel, littleleaf linden, hawthorn, black alder and downy birch.

This project contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we going to plant?

The trees will be sited on a former field in Dalerpeel in Drenthe. This location is close to the Dalerpeel nature reserve. We are also planting on a meadow near Sleen, where cattle used to graze. Two beautiful places, where we will further strengthen and expand the nature of Drenthe with this project!

Our partners

For this project, we’re working together with Staatsbosheer and het Buitenfonds (a support foundation set up by Staatsbosbeheer). For years, we’ve been working together with these trusted parties to plant new forests in the Netherlands, including an earlier project in Drenthe.