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Hollandse Hout

An extended section of arable land stretching out over some 80 hectares is being transformed into new woodland, with wonderful species of indigenous trees.


New forest in the Flevo polder

Hollandse Hout is a remarkable nature reserve situated between Lelystad and the Oostvaarder lakes in Flevoland province. Trees for All planted 48,000 trees there last year. Thanks in part to Trees for All’s efforts the area is fast being transformed into an attractive site for people and animals.

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The project

Hollandse Hout is a nature reserve situated between the new town of Lelystad and the Oostvaarder lakes in Flevoland province. Part of the Hollandse Hout, an extended stretch of arable land stretching out over some 80 hectares, is no longer in use and will be converted into attractive woodland. For the foreseeable future, the new forest will be maintained by government forestry agency Staatsbosbeheer.

Together with companies and donors, Trees for All planted the first trees in the 12 hectares of woodland they donated together on 30 November last year: 48,000 trees in total! This day of tree planting – the kickoff for Trees for All’s planting caravan – was made possible thanks to support from Flevoland province, forestry agency Staatsbosbeheer and a contribution from the agriculture ministry’s climate envelope.


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Incubator for more Dutch woodland

Hollandse Hout is intended as an incubator for more Dutch woodland. Staatsbosbeheer regards it as a gene bank to safeguard indigenous plant material resistant to sicknesses and climate change for the Netherlands. Over the coming years the area will be cultivated to attract dragonflies, kingfishers and water birds. Woodland fringes will be established offering food and a sheltered habitat to butterflies, songbirds and small mammals. Footpaths and several nature observation hides are also planned so that people can come and enjoy the wonderful indigenous tree species such as walnut, common lime, winter oak and sweet cherry.

A striking nature reserve between Lelystad and the Oostvaarder lakes in Flevoland province.


Hollandse Hout, Lelystad, Nederland

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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