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Along with ARK Nature, Trees for All is facilitating the planting of new loam forests in Het Groene Woud.


New loam forest

The forests of Het Groene Woud, in Brabant, are home to many sorts of plants and animals. The ‘loam forests’, in particular, have high levels of biodiversity, corresponding to the relatively wet soil that gave rise to them. From both a national and international viewpoint, the scarcity of loam forests makes it vital to expand and protect them.

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The project

Along with ARK Nature, Trees for All is facilitating the planting of new loam forests in Het Groene Woud. ARK has drawn up a design and management plan for the reinforcement of loam forests in Het Groene Woud (in the vicinity of Savendonk). The total project consists of four sub-areas, which are situated close together, comprising a total of 46 hectares. Trees for All is facilitating the planting of 23 hectares and will be raising funds for doing so. The other half will be contributed by Groen Ontwikkelfonds Brabant.

On former agricultural land, we will be planting native trees specific to loam forests, such as the European hornbeam, small-leaved lime, large-leaved lime and European white elm. Besides planting new forests, the vitality and natural quality of existing forests will be reinforced. The aim of the project is to reinforce biodiversity with regard to both quantity and quality. Wildlife that will benefit include rare butterflies like the chequered skipper and white admiral, and animals and birds like the tree frog, red-backed shrike, wild cat, otter and black stork.

  • Current


  • Reinforcing and expanding the loam forests
  • Connecting ecologically valuable nature areas
  • Creating robust, climate-proof nature
  • Maintaining, reinforcing and expanding biodiversity as a whole
  • Restoring groundwater levels, which will also benefit nature areas in the vicinity

It will give a big boost to biodiversity and make the forest climate-proof.

Kasteren, Nederland

The plots between De Geelders and de Dommel, near to Kasteren, are strategically located and provide a unique opportunity to restore, reinforce and expand the lost cohesion of the existing forest and nature areas. Along with existing nature areas, these plots form an essential expansion of the valuable forests of De Geelders. ARK is working with partners in the area, such as the Province of North Brabant, local councils, farmers, the district water board, land managers and local networks. The project area is part of the Brabant Nature Network (NNB), ensuring long-term management and sustainability of the project.

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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