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We’d like to introduce you to Her Royal Highness Margarita princess de Bourbon de Parme. We’re proud to announce that she has become our patroness. This means that the princess will join us in our efforts to create more forests in the world. And she will be doing so in a special way.

Communicating our mission

As our patroness, princess Margarita wishes to make more people aware of the importance of trees. She’s very concerned that so much nature is disappearing. “I grew up in nature and really enjoy all its beauty”, she says. “Planting trees is a concrete way to bring back all the nature that has vanished and to make our living conditions healthier. This is why I would like to motivate as many people as possible to plant trees through Trees for All.”

Not only will she communicate this message as our patroness, but she will also be making a personal contribution to increasing the number of trees and forests in the world. Through her company De Parme Design, where she designs jewellery among other things, she’ll support various tree-planting and reforestation projects by Trees for All. So she will be fulfilling her role as patroness in a unique way.

Princess Margarita (left) and Simone Groenendijk (director Trees for All)

Trees as a source of inspiration

The princess has a good reason for choosing to promote more forest in the world. In her work as a product designer, nature forms a great source of inspiration. Her very first jewellery designs, for example, were based on typically Dutch trees, such as the beech and the oak. The exclusive rings, earrings and necklaces incorporate the shapes and lines of leaves, flowers and even dewdrops.

“It all started when I was still living in the forest”, says the princess. “I thoroughly enjoy seeing a tree in blossom or experiencing the calm, safe feeling when walking in a forest. But every day I saw people walking along just looking at the ground and talking to each other. They didn’t seem to be looking around them or enjoying the moment. Then I thought, ‘I want to create something that makes people realise how special nature is – something that makes us feel we need to protect all that beauty’.”

Jewellery designed by princess Margarita © De Parme Design

Sustainability begins at home

Her amazement at everything that grows and blooms is something she picked up at an early age in her home. The princess grew up surrounded by the forests of France, the Netherlands and Spain. Her mother Princess Irene and father Prince Carlos Hugo regularly went outdoors with their children, which could spontaneously lead to a mini course on toadstools in the forest, given by their father. And then there were also the conversations at the dinner table, about sustainability and the future.

“My mother taught us that sustainability begins at home”, says princess Margarita. And she applies this motto every day in her work as a designer. “For my designs, I choose materials that I can reuse, and I use as little as possible. All of my jewellery, for instance, is made from recycled gold. And I reuse gems as much as possible, as well. In addition, everything is produced locally whenever possible.”

Giving back to nature

As nature gives so much to her, princess Margarita wants to give something back to the earth. “I’ve toyed for a while with the idea of investing in reforestation projects”, she says. “That’s how I found Trees for All. And it clicked immediately. We share the same mission and both believe in planting trees in order to pass on a healthy planet to the next generations.”

To begin with, princess Margarita is going to support two of our projects in the Netherlands and Spain. “The opportunity to support projects in two countries where my roots lie makes the partnership even more special”, says princess Margarita. “In addition, the way that Trees for All works really appeals to me. Trees for All doesn’t simply plant a few trees, but takes a critical look at what species of tree belongs in which place, so that the trees really add value to our surroundings.”

The more trees, the better

And the princess passes on her delight in nature to others. “By wearing my jewellery, people are actually saying, ‘I care about nature and think it’s important to conserve it. Thanks to the partnership with Trees for All, this message has gained extra meaning, because I’m also contributing to a green world through my jewellery.”

As our patroness, she hopes to involve even more people in the work carried out by Trees for All. “In the future, I hope to be able to support many more projects in Europe. Because the more trees we can all plant together, the better.”