Offset your purchases

Buying new items has a major impact on the environment. Offset the CO2 emissions of your annual purchases.

A new sweater, washing machine or light fitting? Don’t forget to offset it.

Buying new things has a big impact on the environment. It takes a lot of energy to produce a new item like a garment, an electrical device or a piece of furniture. And carbon is emitted in transporting the product as well. On average, no less than a third of the total carbon emissions of your household in the Netherlands is produced by purchasing new items.


Offset your yearly purchases

Calculating the carbon emissions of your purchases is a complex procedure. Many different factors play a role, such as the type of product, the material it is made from and the location where it is produced. Milieu Centraal has calculated the average to be 2,591 kilos of carbon per person per year. Would you like to offset the emissions from your annual purchases?

Offset them now

Offset 2.59 tons of CO2 for an amount of €41,44 for the entire year. Would you like to pay at once or in monthly instalments?

Offset directly for one year Offset monthly

What happens with your donation?

We invest your donation for carbon offset in social reforestation projects with a wide impact. The trees we plant capture carbon from the atmosphere and ensure more biodiversity and job opportunities. The farmers receive training in sustainable land use and in combining native trees with other crops; a method known as agroforestry. So it is good not just for the climate and nature, but also for the local population. One of our projects is located in Bolivia.


Plan Vivo certified projects

Our projects are certified by Plan Vivo, which is the international standard for carbon offset that focuses on local communities, thus guaranteeing not only carbon capture, but also improved living conditions, sustainable land management and conservation of biodiversity. Several independent checks are carried out to prove that your carbon emissions have actually been captured.