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Cool, sustainable clothing that contributes to nature conservation. That is what’s important to Arnout Vrieling and Paul van Renselaar, the founders of Ohdeer Clothing. They sell sweaters and T-shirts for young and old, and plant a tree for every item they sell.


“Sustainability is the essence of Ohdeer. Besides producing cool clothing that gives you pleasure, we try to make the whole production chain as sustainable as possible”, says Vrieling. For example, the products are made of organic and sustainable materials, the packaging is made of recycled cardboard and the carbon emissions of the shipping are offset.

Visible and tangible

Ohdeer aims to make their mission as tangible as possible. And what could be more tangible than a tree? So Ohdeer entered into partnership with Trees for All. For every Ohdeer item sold, we plant a tree. The process is very simple. When you shop online, the tree is automatically added to your shopping cart and when the purchase is made you get a Trees for All certificate in your mailbox. The certificate shows how many trees are planted from your purchase and where they’re situated.


Trees for today and for the future

Ohdeer aims for a sustainable brand that appeals to people for its products and designs, while also contributing to a better climate and more nature. Vrieling remarks, “Although we can’t change the world alone, every little bit counts. Everyone can help”. He dreams of the next generations being able to enjoy nature just as much as we do now. And of course, Trees for All is more than happy to help.