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Product partner

We’re keen to help with greening your company. You can have us plant a tree per product or service. The donation is determined on the basis of turnover or profit. That way your ‘forest’ grows along with your company!

Planting a tree per product or service


Whether you’re selling wooden tables or solar panels, whether you’re a website builder or a masseur: at Trees for All you can translate your sustainability policy into a tangible result. Our product partners don’t donate a fixed amount but opt for a variable donation that depends on turnover or on the success of a marketing campaign. Twice a year we’ll do the sums and agree on the number of trees. To take part you need to donate at least 500 euro or 80 trees.

We work according to the 1-2-Tree programme, which means you plant as many trees abroad as you do in the Netherlands. All our product partners are mentioned on our website and are given a personalised proof of donation. The partnership also entitles your company to use the Trees for All logo and other available imagery. The terms will be set out in a cooperation agreement. In exchange we require:


Become product partner

Partners in sustainability

Our product partners Zonnepanelenplus and Zoekgroen are both keen to go green and sustainable. That’s why they opted for a partnership with Trees for All

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These companies are also product partners

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