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Plant one tree per product sold or save trees through a special fundraising campaign. Choose how many trees you want to plant and grow your impact!

Plant trees per product or service

If you’d like to improve sustainability and make an impact in a tangible way, you can become a tree partner! You can plant trees per product or service, for example. That way, your tree donation will grow along with your company. But there are also other options, such as tree donations per employee or as part of a green campaign.

You can become our tree partner by giving a minimum annual donation of 750 Euros, for which we can plant 75 trees in the Netherlands, plus 75 trees abroad. But of course you can also plant more trees. It’s up to you!

What we offer you as tree partner:

  • A tangible contribution to a green and healthy world
  • At least 150 trees per year, half of which in the Netherlands and the other half abroad
  • Mention on the Trees for All website and mention in our newsletter
  • The use of the Trees for All logo, visual material and project information for your own communication purposes
  • A personalised certificate as proof of your donation
Yes, I’d like to become a tree partner

How does it work?

  1. Download the declaration of collaboration. Fill in the declaration and send it, along with you company logo, to
  2. After assessment and approval, you will receive a signed cooperation agreement from us.
  3. You will receive our logo and images for communication and we will place your company logo on our website.
  4. You will receive a request to pay the first donation.
  5. After the donation, you will receive a certificate showing the total number of trees you have planted.
  6. We will keep you informed of our projects, events and fun activities.

Are you considering donating more than 2.000 trees every year? Please consider becoming a corporate forest partner and plant your own corporate forest.

Do you have any questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or send us a message.

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Do you want to plant trees without a partnership?

No problem. You can also easily plant trees online once or periodically with your business.

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Stories of our tree partners

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Clothing with a story | Ohdeer

Cool, sustainable clothing that contributes to nature conservation. That is what’s important to Arnout Vrieling and Paul van Renselaar, the founders of Ohdeer Clothing. They sell sweaters and T-shirts for young and old, and plant a tree for every item they sell. Win-win “Sustainability is the essence of…

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Plant-based mayo that is animal and environment-friendly | Mayoneur

Plant-based mayo that is animal and environment-friendly | Mayoneur

Mayoneur wants to make the world of mayonnaise more sustainable, so they’re making a variety of different plant-based mayos that are both animal and environment-friendly. That’s a mission we wholeheartedly endorse, so Trees for All has been a partner since 2020. Good food deserves good mayonnaise. That’s the principle held…

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Do you have a question?

Take a look at the frequently asked questions for new tree partners.

Where do we plant?

Your annual donation goes towards our ongoing forest projects. We plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad, aiming for 50% of the trees to be planted in the Netherlands. This percentage may differ each year, for example if there is an increase in the number of forest projects abroad. The Netherlands is a relatively small country, so the number of forest projects is more restricted.

Can I choose a project myself?

Partners can indicate their preference for a project abroad, as long as trees are available in the project. Dutch trees are allocated on the basis of the projects available.

How does Trees for All inform me about how my donation is spent?

At the end of each year, we will inform you of the locations where your trees have been planted or will be planted. So you will know exactly how your donation is spent and can use that information in your communication.

Is it possible for my customers to receive a certificate as proof of tree donation?

After each donation you will receive an official certificate as proof of your donation with the number of trees. If you want your customers to have their own certificate as proof of donation, you can make your own design in your house style with use of our logo. On this certificate you can note the amount of trees planted for the specific customer.

I’d like to become a tree partner, but then for a fixed amount. Is that also an option?

Yes, it is. Just indicate your preference in the declaration of collaboration, under ‘estimated annual donation’.

How is the donation paid?

On receipt of your declaration of collaboration, we will send you a request for payment of the first donation of 750 Euros. We will check on the definitive donation in December. If the actual donation at the end of the year amounts to more than 750 Euros, then Trees for All will send a request for payment of the remaining amount. At the end of June and the end of December of each subsequent year, you will inform us of the amount of your donation, following which we will send you a request for payment. By signing the declaration of collaboration, you guarantee the payment of a minimum annual donation of 750 Euros.

Do I have to pay VAT on my donation?

Stichting Trees for All is a registered charity with no profit motive. Corporate partners of Trees for All do not owe any VAT on the amount of their donation.

May I use the visual and video material royalty-free for my own communication?

Yes, the visual and video material we share with you may be used royalty-free in your digital communication. If you wish to put the Trees for All logo on products or printed material, please contact us beforehand through, as you will need our written permission to do so.

Can I plant my trees myself?

Every year, we organise tree planting days in the Netherlands for our corporate forest partners. The tree planting seasons are in the spring and the autumn. Depending on capacity, we are happy to invite more people, but we cannot promise anything in advance.

If I plant trees, do I automatically offset my carbon emissions?

Many people want to know exactly how much CO2 is compensated by planting trees. However, this question is not so easy to answer. CO2 capturing is calculated on the basis of surface area (hectares) and growth years and depends on many factors, such as type of trees, climate and type of soil. It is a process of years in which the forest develops from a dense forest with many saplings, to an open forest with mature, tall trees. In the end, there are much fewer trees than the number that was initially planted. In addition, a planted tree initially stores relatively little carbon. As trees age, they capture more and more carbon and then level off again at the end of the tree’s life.

Trees for All has several projects worldwide so it is difficult to give an average. In the Netherlands we work with the key figures from WUR and Probos: Abroad there is a big difference whether you restore a rainforest or plant trees in very dry areas. We provide an indication per project and we intend to have a detailed calculation also made for all non-certified projects.

Important to know: if you donate trees to us, you can say that you contribute to CO2 compensation, but you cannot formally claim an amount (tonne) of CO2. This is only possible through certified CO2 rights (credits). Are you interested in compensating formally? Then choose for a CO2 partnership.

Can I become a CO2 partner as well?

If you want your business to be carbon neutral, you can also choose to become a CO2 partner and to offset your carbon emissions in a formal way. You can find more information about the CO2 partnership here.

Any other questions?

For more information, take a look at our general FAQ page.

Do you want to plant trees with your company?

Choose how many trees you want to plant and grow your impact!

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