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ASN: Impact with money

It’s no coincidence that last year ASN Bank opted for a commercial featuring forest animals. Because the bank has been planting trees with Trees for All since 2015. Loyal customers who have been banking with ASN for twenty years or more are invited to dig in.

Human rights, climate and biodiversity. Those are ASN Bank’s three sustainability pillars. The bank only finances and invests in future-oriented companies, sectors and countries. With respect for people, animals and nature. The bank has an appealing message for people who are keen to contribute to a better world. ‘The more people bank with us, the bigger the positive influence we can have. Money is after all an effective way of making an impact on the world around us,’ says Renée Ras, marketing manager at ASN Bank. Together with her colleagues she’s been working on a new branding strategy to appeal to an even wider and a younger public. ‘Sustainability isn’t just for the happy few, but for the happy many. That’s what we want people to hear. People want to help the world, but also themselves. So we’re taking a positive approach, whereby we encourage every step in the right direction. By taking a conscious decision to opt for a sustainable bank, people can make an impact with their money.’

‘Sustainability isn’t just for the happy few, but for the happy many.’

35,000 trees planted

A partnership with Trees for All fits with ASN Bank’s higher ideals. Renée Ras explains: ‘You’re a wonderful foundation with a great deal of expertise in sustainable forestry projects. That’s not our core business so that’s why we’re keen to work together.’ Since ASN Bank teamed up with Trees for All, nearly 35,000 trees have been planted in the Netherlands and the tropics. ‘These projects make a solid contribution to improving the climate and increased biodiversity, two of the bank’s key objectives.’

Climate positive in 2030

ASN Bank recently upped its climate objectives. Renée Ras: ‘To become climate positive we need to finance projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it safely. One of the options for carbon capture is planting trees.’ That’s why ASN Bank’s climate policy includes activities such as financing tree planting. ‘ASN Bank has a clear objective: in 2030 we want to be the first climate-positive bank with a net profit on our own carbon profit-and-loss account. Here’s hoping that other banks and companies follow our example!’