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A contribution to a better climate

For entrepreneur Chris de Jong and his business partner, doing business is more than making money. That’s why it didn’t take them long to team up with social partner Trees for All. Together with Trees for All they are saving for a registered forest. The trees will go in the ground at the end of this year.

‘It’s wonderful to start a company that’s environmentally friendly at its core’, says Chris de Jong. ‘We’re making a solid contribution with our high-grade solar panels. Sustainability is a key driver for us. We’ve gone for the highest possible quality with a 25-year guarantee and a cradle2cradle certification.’ In just seven years Zonnepanelenplus has grown into a successful business with a staff of sixty, a feat of which Chris is justifiably proud. The company sets a good example: ‘The office is energy neutral thanks to the solar panels on the roof. In terms of mobility we’ve taken the first steps towards going electric.’

‘Sustainability is a key driver for us’

Zonnepanelenplus wants to contribute to a better climate not only in a commercial but also in a social capacity. ‘We have opted for a partner that fits with our business. For us, Trees for All was the logical choice. For every new client, we plant two trees through the 1-2-Tree programme. Our customers really value that, and it raises awareness among our staff of the partnership we have with Trees for All.’