Trees for All is restoring 100 hectares of the severely degraded coastal zone together with local partners and villagers.

Status: Current project

Planting dune forests in Central Vietnam

The coast of Central Vietnam is increasingly battered by tropical storms and hurricanes. Its natural dune vegetation has all but disappeared, leaving villages in the hinterland vulnerable to floods as a result. Our project adds to the restoration of dune forests, provides natural coastal protection and enables local people to develop a resilient, climate-proof ecosystem.

What makes this project necessary?

The elongated stretch of coast in Central Vietnam is subject to strong erosion. Temperatures rise to very high levels, to over 40 °C during the dry season. During the rainy season there are floods as a result of tropical storms. Dune forests and mangroves that used to protect villages from these extreme weather conditions have almost completely disappeared because of large-scale deforestation and mismanagement of arable land. The local population of rice-growing farmers and fishermen is increasingly exposed to the consequences of climate change, such as floods, hurricanes, extended drought and water pollution.

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trees being planted



hectares of heavily degraded dunes



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What are we going to do?

It is necessary to bring back the original dune forests. In the next few years Trees for All is going to plant 120,000 indigenous trees and shrubs in order to restore and protect the coastal zone. A number of these are mentioned in the IUCN Red List of vulnerable and endangered species of trees. In this project we work closely together with the authorities and villages and it serves as an example of ‘nature based solutions’ to a life-size climate problem. The entire area will profit from this approach!

This project of Trees for All contributes to several
Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty
5. Gender equality
6. Clean water and sanitation
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where are we going to plant?

The planting will take place in Phu Yen province.

Our partners

In this project we cooperate closely with our project partners UNIQUE Forestry and Landuse GmbH and Institute of Resources and Environment of the Hue University (IREN). They have ample experience in this field and maintain good connections with Vietnamese Forestry Authority and participating villages. The local villagers are instructed by the Vietnamese project team and will commit themselves to the development of dune forests in the long run.

“We will restore a particular and endangered ecosystem and improve the living conditions of people in the area.”