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Food forest Janmiekeshoeve

Trees for All is joining with partners to plant food forests in the Netherlands, such as Janmiekeshoeve.

Status: Completed project

Planting food forests in the Netherlands

Trees for All will plant food forests at several locations in the Netherlands. This relatively new and sustainable form of land usage has many benefits, such as improving soil health and sequestering carbon.

Why is this project necessary?

Trees for All supports various sustainable initiatives that plant food forests. One of them is a food forest at the farm Jannemiekeshoeve, in Brabant, where an organic agricultural company is permanently transforming part of its operations into 2 hectares of food forests and 18 hectares of agroforestry. This makes the farm a pioneer in its region and an example to others.

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Collaborating with Food Forestry Netherlands

Trees for All also collaborates with Agroforestry Foundation Netherlands (SVN). This foundation has set up the programme ‘Duurzame doorbraak voedselbosbouw’ (Sustainable breakthrough in agroforestry), with the goal of realising at least 150 hectares of food forest by the end of 2023.

Although food forests are relatively new, they have proved to have many positive effects. Food forests:

  • Improve soil health
  • Have great capacity for water buffering
  • Sequester a large quantity of carbon
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Have high levels of resilience
  • Need little maintenance, whereas yields are high in the long term
  • Improve the living quality of the surroundings, thus promoting mental health and social cohesion

national monitoring programme has been set up in the Netherlands, which conducts scientific research into the aforementioned benefits of food forests.

This Trees for All project contributes to realizing multiple
Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where did we plant?

Janmiekeshoeve can be found in Mariahout, Noord-Brabant. The planting of the food forest took place at the edges of the plot and provides a transition zone between the existing forest and the agroforestry.

Our partners

We work together with the owners of the Janmiekeshoeve by financing the planting of the food forest. In this way we support the large investment that must be made to set up a sustainable agricultural company.


In other words, a food forest is a heart-warming reconciliation between nature and agriculture.