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Nature reserve De Pan

In the woodland area De Pan, a field has been transformed into natural woodland.

Status: Completed project

Transforming a field to natural woodland

In collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer, Trees for All has transformed a field of over 6.5 hectares into natural woodland. In total we planted 32.800 trees in nature reserve De Pan.

Why is this project necessary?

More forest is crucial in our fight to attain the climate goals in the Netherlands. Besides the necessary carbon sequestration, trees are also good for the biodiversity in the Netherlands and recreational activities. Because of these reasons we have transformed an agricultural field into a mixed forest.

Various types of tree were planted, including beech, durmast oak, common oak, birch, small-leaved lime, sweet cherry, maple and sweet chestnut. This greatly increased the biodiversity of the area. The field is surrounded by forest an therefore forms a perfect extension and enrichment of the Pan forests.

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This Trees for All project contributes to realizing multiple Sustainable Development Goals

13. Climate action
15. Life on land
17. Partnership for the goals

Where did we plant?

De Pan is a diverse nature area in the province of Noord-Brabant. One can find forests, heath, pastures, field and water bodies. The area has a rich animal life with species such as polecats, roe deer, hawks, orioles, tree clovers, black woodpackers and nightjars.

Our partners

We work together with Staatsbosbeheer, the owner and manager of De Pan.

Together with Staatsbosbeheer we transformed a field into a mixed deciduous forest in De Pan.