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The Venneperhout is lies in the centre of what used to be the Haarlemmermeer lake. It’s a young park with a developing habitat.


A magnificent park for people and animals

The first trees were planted in the Venneperhout during a special festive tree planting day in November 2011. The area has since developed into magnificent parkland, covering some 2.5 hectares. Trees for All is proud of having helped.

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New nature

The Venneperhout is a young park with a developing habitat. Even so, there’s already lots of nature to discover and enjoy. In springtime the banks of the ditches turn yellow as the coltsfoot blossoms. Here you can see orchids, such as the rare heath spotted orchid. Even a bee orchid has been spotted! In the early mornings you can see the partridges emerging in search of shelter and food. There are also many foxes. Birdwatchers can feast their eyes on birds of prey such as the kestrel and hobby.

(source: Staatsbosbeheer)

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The park spans an area of nearly 2.5 hectares and has been made possible with the aid of Trees for All.

Venneperhout, Nieuw-Vennep, Nederland

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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