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Trees for All is joining forces with Stichting IJssellandschap to plant a climate-proof deciduous forest in Overijssel, the Netherlands. For the project, we will be restoring a total of 13 ha of Norway spruce forest.


Planting a mixed deciduous forest

In the first months of 2021, a Norway spruce forest that is partly damaged will be transformed into a climate-proof deciduous forest. A total of 2.5 ha has been planted with native tree species. In the Deventer region, we will restore another 10 ha of degraded forest in the coming year. This contributes to a forest ecosystem that can meet both current and future challenges.

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The project

Landgoed Oostermaet is one of the rural estates managed, developed and protected by Stichting IJssellandschap. The Norway spruces in this area have been damaged to a large extent by the Ips Typographus, a type of bark beetle. IJssellandschap is transforming this former coniferous forest into a climate-proof deciduous forest.

The main aim of this new natural forest is to maintain and develop ecological values and natural processes in the forest. IJssellandschap has therefore designated 13 hectares for planting a mixed deciduous forest. In total, approximately 30,000 trees and shrubs will be planted.

We will be planting deciduous trees that have a rich insect life and species that will add structural variety. Besides the species we plant, there will also be spontaneous regeneration. This will include mainly the pioneer species, such as birch and Scots pine.

  • Current


  • Replacing diseased Norway spruces
  • Transforming into natural forest with deciduous tree species
  • Increasing biodiversity by planting a variety of deciduous trees
  • Developing a sustainable forest structure and natural forest edges

Landgoed Oostermaet, Oostermaatsdijk, Lettele, Nederland


The area is part of the nature network. It is open to the public and accessible by footpaths and cycle paths. Due to the recreational use, the dead Norway spruces were felled at the beginning of this year, to prevent unsafe situations.


IJssellandschap works with groups of volunteers from the neighbourhood. This ensures a high level of involvement and short communication lines. A great deal of attention is also paid to neighbourhood management, including the organisation of residents’ evenings, excursions in the area and discussion sessions.

The goal is to plant a climate-smart forest.

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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