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New nature in the Netherlands

Trees for All will be planting trees on land that adjoins existing nature areas in the vicinity of natural burial grounds.


Planting forests near to natural burial grounds

Along with Stichting Nieuwe Natuur, Trees for All will be planting forests on land in the vicinity of natural burial grounds. For instance, a new nature area has been created, along with other parties concerned, at the sides of Herperduin in Koolwijk, close to the Maashorst natural burial ground.

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Nature development in Koolwijk

In the vicinity of the Osse borough of Koolwijk in North Brabant, near to the Maashorst natural burial ground, 0.65 hectares of farmland will be transformed into forest. Where corn and grass used to grow, there will be a mixed forest area in the future. In February, over 2,000 young trees of various species were planted, to open up the landscape more. The goal of the ‘Koolwijk Nature Development’ project is to ensure a gradual transition from the Herperduin forest area to the adjoining open landscape.

Deciduous forest

The area will be a deciduous forest with tree species that are suitable for the wet, sandy soil, such as English oak, European hornbeam, small-leaved lime, field elm and hazel. Via a beautiful edging of shrubs and a strip of rough grassland, the forest gradually changes to open, arid grassland. A belt of coppice will be created, with low shrub species like hazel, broom, wild rowan and blackthorn. This variety of species will ensure a higher diversity of ecological values and a more attractive landscape for people.

The ‘Koolwijk Nature Development’ project is a collaboration between the Maashorst natural burial ground, Groen Ontwikkelfonds Brabant, the Province of Brabant, Natuurbegraven Nederland and Trees for All.

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Working with Stichting Nieuwe Natuur

Trees for All has entered into collaboration with the foundation Stichting Nieuwe Natuur, which is a joint initiative of Natuurbegraven Nederland and Natuurmonumenten. Just like Trees for All, the foundation wants to create more high-quality nature in the Netherlands. It does so by acquiring land that adjoins existing nature areas in the vicinity of natural burial grounds, and arranging, managing and maintaining the locations for generations to come. The underlying principle is that the biodiversity of nature is important for people’s wellbeing.

Trees for All helps to realise the projects set up by Stichting Nieuwe Natuur by planting trees.

Koolwijk, Nederland

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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