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What do you give to a person who has passed an examination or has graduated? If you ask us, we say: a tree! Then you not only give an original present, but you make the world a little greener as well.

A successful present

Graduation is an extraordinary milestone. Therefore it requires an extraordinary present!

For the graduate the time has come to break new ground. To continue to grow and discover the world. Isn’t it a charming idea to present your child, friend or relative with a tree? And see person and tree flourish together?

Gift a tree

With this gift you contribute to a green and healthy planet.

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How does it work?


1. Choose how many trees you want to give

We plant half this number in the Netherlands and half abroad.


2. Choose your projects

Choose where we plant the trees on your behalf. You can make your preferred choice from four projects, where we need your support the most right now.


3. Personalise and present

Add a personal message to the certificate and decide how the present will be given: in digital form or in print.


Give a personalised present

Apart from a diploma, the receiver of your tree will get one more ‘document’. We will provide you with a certificate as proof of the trees we will plant in your name. It contains your name and the receiver’s. Add heartfelt congratulations, print the certificate on sustainable paper or send it by e-mail (which is a sustainable thing to do, of course!)

Graduated? Gift a tree

After years of cramming, my son passed his examination. Next fall he will enter university. A tree is a symbolic present for this new beginning.

A gift with global impact

The trees you give as a gift will be planted in our sustainable forest projects. You can choose a project in the Netherlands and one abroad where we need your support the most. This way, your gift makes an impact close to home and far away!

In recent years, we have planted millions of trees and completed dozens of projects. Want to know more about the forest projects we support? Check out our project page.


About Trees for All

Trees and forests play a crucial role in tackling climate change and the loss of biodiversity. There is no life without trees. That is why we are planting new forests worldwide, restoring degraded forests and raising people’s awareness of the importance of trees – whether close to home or on the other side of the world. Our sustainable projects help create a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions for everyone.

Thus, together with our donors and partners, we invest in a green and healthy earth for all!

A recognised charity

Trees for All has 25 years of experience and is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) with a CBF certificate. The CBF checks that recognised charities meet strict quality requirements, thus guaranteeing that your donation contributes to a better world and that you can trust Trees for All.

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