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Van Happen Containers en Trees for All

Van Happen Containers is a believer in the circular economy. The family firm itself transitioned from being a waste collector to a producer of raw materials. Together with customers and suppliers the company planted the Van Happen Wood. Because sustainable business is something you do together.

Waste collection seems so simple. But how do you turn waste into recyclable raw materials? Van Happen Containers concentrated on resolving this question. The company developed an innovative sorting machine for mixed waste. ‘The challenge lies in adding value to materials that are considered waste,’ explains project manager Norbert Lax. ‘It’s a process of experimentation and improving.’ Van Happen Containers aims for a circular and sustainable business operation, paying considerable attention to reducing its own footprint.

Working together is key

‘You can work on your corporate social responsibility in different ways’, says Norbert Lax. ‘First of all, you need to look at your core processes. We have our own academy, for example, where we train our drivers to save fuel. We also invest in fuel and route optimization. After all, cutting our kilometres directly affects our footprint. But as a company you can have a major impact in other ways as well. Working together is key.’

‘Together we’re making the world that little bit better by planting new woodland.’

Helping future generations

To mark its 80thanniversary Van Happen Containers opted to work together with Trees for All. ‘We were looking for a way to involve all our stakeholders,’ explains Norbert Lax. ‘Together with customers, staff and suppliers we’re making the world a little bit better by planting new woodland.’ As a family firm, Van Happen Containers has an eye for future generations. ‘I often ask myself what the world will look like in thirty years’ time. It’s our duty to do something now,’ says Lax. For him, planting trees is a tangible way of taking action. ‘Trees and green don’t only do good, they also do you good!’