Carbon offset


Have you calculated your organisation’s carbon footprint and are you looking to reduce your carbon emissions in a sustainable and socially responsible way? You can do that with one of our certified forestry projects.

Is your company going for carbon neutral?

As a CO2 partner you can show how climate counts. You can offset your company’s carbon emissions demonstrably through our certified forest projects. We ask our partners to pledge a minimum of 750 euro a year. In exchange we ensure the absorption of the carbon emissions in our sustainable forest projects abroad. Our forest projects in Bolivia and Uganda are certified and guarantee the amount of carbon absorption. The social, economic and ecological impact is also monitored and checked.  Success means a steady year-on-year reduction in your carbon footprint. Right up until your company becomes carbon neutral!

All our CO2 partners are mentioned on our website and receive a personalised certificate. The partnership also entitles your company to use the Trees for All logo and other available imagery. The terms will be set out in a cooperation agreement.

What we offer:

What we ask:

Become CO2-partner

A.s.r is working hard at minimizing its footprint

This is the time to act. That’s the ASR message. Climate neutrality is the aim. Until then it’s compensating the inevitable carbon emissions through Trees for All’s sustainable forestry projects.

Want to know more?

These companies have already become CO2 partners

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