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By planting trees we protect the habitat of many animal species, we support local people and we contribute to a green and healthy planet.


Restore tropical rainforest

Carara National Park is one of the nature reserves with the highest biodiversity in Central America. Many plant and animal species have disappeared due to large-scale deforestation. Trees for All aims to plant at least 105,000 trees in the next years to restore the primary forest.

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The rainforest of Carare is the natural habitat of jaguars and coloured macaws. In the mangrove forests near the coast you will find large crocodiles. The higher parts of the area, also called the Turrubares Mountains, are covered with tropical cloud forests which in the past were directly connected to the rain forest of Carara National Park. Large parts of this area suffered from deforestation and loss of wildlife in the period 1950 – 1970. No less than 90 percent of the previously untouched tropical forests disappeared, leaving primary forest fragments in a matrix of overgrown meadow fields, degraded farmlands and secondary forest patches.

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A plan for restoring the corridor

In 1999 the International Tree Fund (ITF) and Arbofilia, a local nature conservation organization, joined forces to reforest the area. The aim was to create a “Carara Ecological Corridor” (CEC) to reconnect the rainforest of Carara, the cloud forests and the mangrove forests. Meanwhile, 65 hectares of forest have been restored and several animal species returned, including macaws, jaguar and capuchin monkeys. Trees that were planted twenty years ago are now ten meters or higher and the water management in the area has been restored. At places where water sources used to run dry in the dry season, fresh water is now available again all year round.

The project

There is much more land that still needs to be reforested. For this reason Trees for All has become partner of ITF and Arbofilia. In the next years we will restore at least 105 hectares of forest. Planting trees is hard work, as some areas are steep and difficult to reach. More than three hundred different native tree species are planted, taking into account the rarity of the species and the ecological value.

Impact on local communities

The project is of great importance for local employment. The people living in the CEC surroundings participate in growing, planting and maintaining trees. Establishing family tree nurseries has proven successful and practical. The people living in the corridor also benefit from ecotourism since the area has become richer in flora and fauna. Local farmers are being trained and advised to grow their land in a sustainable way and to protect the existing forest.

“The goal of the Carara Ecological Corridor is a sustainable ecosystem in which people and nature are naturally connected and strengthen each other.”

How you can contribute

By donating trees you can contribute to the restoration of this beautiful nature area. This means you protect the habitat of many animal species, support the local people and contribute to a green and healthy earth.

San José, Carara, Costa Rica

The projects of Trees for All contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals

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