New forest

Trees for All aims to establish more forest

Land writedowns

Landowners receive a contribution specifically for the purchase, establishment and management of the forest area. Trees for All doesn’t compensate landowners for the decrease in the value of their land that results from it being designated as a nature area. Our remuneration covers only the costs of establishing and maintaining the woodland.

Nature designation

The land preferably is, or will be designated, a nature area. This gives us a legal guarantee that areas that go green, stay green. This designation is laid down in the municipality’s zoning scheme and also forms part of the province’s spatial planning scheme. Should the area not be designated a nature zone, it’s essential that other contractual or legal guarantees be given to keep the area green (that is, ‘value in perpetuity’.)

Planting with indigenous plant species

Trees for All strives to create a habitat that is as natural as possible. Indigenous plant species are used when planting new woodland, in order to create a viable ecosystem for both flora and fauna.

Publicly accessible

The area is accessible to the public. We contribute to new forest and woodland for all. Donors have the opportunity to visit the area on their own whenever they choose. For larger donors, landowners are prepared to facilitate one or more tree planting days.


The landowner will have explored all other possible financing options for establishing new forest. The new woodland cannot be established without financial aid from Trees for All. In other words: donors to Trees for All are making an indispensable contribution to a sustainable forestry project.

Submitting a project proposal

In order to assess the possibilities for cooperation, we’d like to receive a project proposal. Proposals should address the following:

Soil type, vegetation, current land use, designation status, ownership

Does the area form part of a larger green structure or not? What plans do the municipality, province etc. have?

Which species are to be planted, how many of which species, including map

What are the project costs and which costs pertain specifically to trees/forest planting?

How much finance is Trees for All being asked to provide and why is a contribution from Trees for All necessary? How does the financing scheme fit together?

When does the project start (and will it be completed) and when are the trees set to be planted?

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