Offset your total carbon footprint

Easily offset your household's annual CO2 emissions through our certified forest projects.

Easily offset the average carbon footprint

The average Dutch person emits 9,091 tons of CO2 per year in terms of energy consumption, transport, food and clothing. With us, you can offset these carbon emissions in a sustainable and impactful way – by planting trees. As proof of your contribution to a green and healthy planet, the amount of carbon you have offset will be stated in a personal certificate.

Offset now

Coming soon: calculate your personal carbon footprint

Soon you will be able to calculate your personal carbon footprint here. Together with MilieuCentraal, we are developing a handy calculator that allows you to calculate your emissions in the areas of energy consumption, transport, food and clothing. And then, of course, you can easily offset your emissions through our certified projects.

What is done with your donation?

We invest your donation for carbon offset in social reforestation projects with a wide impact. The trees we plant capture carbon from the atmosphere and ensure more biodiversity and job opportunities. The farmers receive training in sustainable land use and in combining native trees with other crops; a method known as agroforestry. This works out well for nature and the climate and benefits the local population. One of our projects is located in Bolivia.

Read more about our project in Bolivia

Plan Vivo certified projects

Our projects are certified by Plan Vivo, which is the international standard for carbon offset that focuses on local communities, thus guaranteeing not only carbon capture, but also improved living conditions, sustainable land management and conservation of biodiversity. Several independent checks are carried out to prove that your carbon emissions have actually been captured.