Where do we plant?

Your annual donation goes towards our ongoing forest projects. We plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad, aiming for 50% of the trees to be planted in the Netherlands. This percentage may differ each year, for example if there is an increase in the number of forest projects abroad. The Netherlands is a relatively small country, so the number of forest projects is more restricted.

Can I choose a project myself?

Partners can indicate their preference for a project abroad. Dutch trees are allocated on the basis of the projects available.

How does Trees for All inform me about how my donation is spent?

At the end of each year, we will inform you of the locations where your trees have been planted or will be planted. So you will know exactly how your donation is spent and can use that information in your communication.

Is it possible for my customers to receive a certificate as proof of the tree donation?

We will send you an official certificate with the donation of the number of trees on an annual basis. If you want your customers to have their own certificate as proof of donation, you can make your own design in your house style with use of our logo. On this certificate you can note the amount of trees planted for the specific customer.

I’d like to become a product partner, but then for a fixed amount. Is that also an option?

Yes, it is. Just indicate your preference in the declaration of collaboration, under ‘estimated annual donation’.

I have a one-off activity/campaign. How does that work?

For a one-off activity/campaign, please contact us and we will discuss the options with you.

How is the donation paid?

On receipt of your declaration of collaboration, we will send you a request for payment of the first donation of 750 Euros. We will check on the definitive donation in December. If the actual donation at the end of the year amounts to more than 750 Euros, then Trees for All will send a request for payment of the remaining amount. At the end of June and the end of December of each subsequent year, you will inform us of the amount of your donation, following which we will send you a request for payment. By signing the declaration of collaboration, you guarantee the payment of a minimum annual donation of 750 Euros.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Trees for All has ANBI status, which means it is regarded as a Public Benefit Organisation by the Dutch Tax Administration. This gives tax advantages for the donors to Trees for All projects. Donations to Trees for All are tax-deductible within the applicable regulations.

May I use the visual and video material royalty-free for my own communication?

Yes, the visual and video material we share with you may be used royalty-free in your digital communication. If you wish to put the Trees for All logo on products or printed material, please contact us beforehand through info@treesforall.nl, as you will need our written permission to do so.

Can I plant my trees myself?

Every year, we organise tree planting days in the Netherlands for our corporate forest partners. The tree planting seasons are in the spring and the autumn. Depending on capacity, we are happy to invite more people, but we cannot promise anything in advance.

If I plant trees, do I automatically offset my carbon emissions?

Many people want to know the exact amount of carbon emissions that are offset by planting trees. However, converting carbon sequestration into numbers of trees is not as simple as it seems. This is because carbon sequestration is always calculated on the basis of hectares and growth years, and depends on many factors (type of tree, climate and soil type, etc.). Tropical forests sequester an average of 10 tons of carbon per hectare per year during the growth, whereas Dutch forests sequester 8 tons per hectare per year. Depending on the number of trees planted per hectare, an average sequestration per tree can be determined. It’s important to know that if you donate trees to us, you can say that you are contributing to the offset of carbon emissions, but you cannot formally claim a specific amount (in tons) of carbon. That can only be done through certified carbon credits. Projects that issue these carbon certificates are very strictly measured and controlled, so that we know that the certificates are really making an impact.

Can I become a CO2 partner as well?

If you want your business to be carbon neutral, you can also choose to become a CO2 partner and to offset your carbon emissions in a formal way. You can find more information about the CO2 partnership here.

Any other questions?

For more information, take a look at our general FAQ page.

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